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Basic technologies

The following basic technologies are implemented in the complex processes of the production lines of COPROGET for sheet metal and extruded parts.


We build state to the art roll forming lines and roll sets of every size and force.


We build bending and stretch bending universal CNC machines and the tooling for sheet metal or extruded profiles of every kind of material.


We build stamping dies, machines, cutting-devices and cutting banks for sophisticated cutting and deep drawing operations.


We join parts from conventional resistance welding to high-end laser welding with stand-alone machines and cells or integrated in a complex production line.

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Strength through integration

COPROGET is able to combine each
of these technologies or to integrate
them into one single process.
That means that the customers gets the
whole process from one hand.

The benefits for the customers multiple:

>  Less communication interfaces and thus less sources of errors
>  Shorter development periods
>   Less effort and costs during project management
>   Shorter delivery times
>  Shorter adjustment periods
>  Faster modifications
>  Less logistic costs for part shipment during project management
>  Higher productivity by one-flow processes
>  We are the only contact at all stages of the project and take over the full
    responsibility for implementation and process optimization.

One example shown below are the trim moulds for cars. Complicating exterior parts with high surface requirements. Each of these parts requires a different process. In the end the rounded edges must be matched perfectly.
That is only effective realizing the complete project with one single supplier who dominates each of the process to its perfection: COPROGET.

Full process integration

Our aim is to help you to build your cars more accurate, cheaper, faster … better !

The benefit for the customer is clear:

Complete turn-key instalations from one hand.

That is only possible with a single supplier who dominates each of the different processes to its perfection: COPROGET.

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